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If there’s one thing we love at Chiliconcarne.org, it’s the delicious, fresh, local, organic ingredients we use for all of our chili con carne recipes.

If you want to use cheap ingredients that’s great – but we recommend staying away from ingredients that are GMO, contain artificial preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils or other unhealthy food.

We also recommend trying to use local, sustainable food. Especially when making chili con carne. Chili con carne is delicious because of the slow release of the flavors of the ingredients. If you are using meat in your chili, low quality meat from an unhealthy, miserable animal from a corporate farm will not taste nearly as good as meat from a sustainable, local farm. We know, organic meat is pricey, but since chili con carne is best when simmered at low heat for hours, cheaper cuts of meat can be used.

We make our chili con carne by using ingredients from real farms with healthy plants and animals. No industrial agriculture for us, it produces food that isn’t nearly as tasty, plus it’s poisoning the environment!

Homemade chili con carne
Homemade chili con carne.

I’m glad we cleared that up 🙂 On to the chili con carne recipes!

There are almost as many recipes for chili con carne as there are people who cook it. There are many choices to be made, and tons of variation is possible with chili con carne in the meat – bean combinations. After selecting your choice of meat and beans, the third dimension is the type of chili to be used for chili con carne.

We will give you the outline for what we consider to be the ultimate dish of chili con carne. You can try to figure out for yourself what combinations you think work best.

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