Chili con carne ingredients

If you want to make chili con carne at home, you have to know what the ingredients of chili con carne are. Chili con carne can you make with basically three ingredients: chili, meat and beans. These are the chili con carne ingredients:

The chili

First off, the chili. Usually chili con carne has red or green chili as a base. The easy thing to do is use chili out of a can. Done! But, of course you could also go to an organic street market, and buy beautiful, radiant chilis. Or better yet, grow your own chili peppers at home! See homemade chili con carne for more on that.

If you want to get fancy, first mix up a marinade with a lot of garlic and apply it to the chili peppers. Next, slow roast the chilis on a smoky wood fire barbecue. Chipotle can also be used of course, to get that delicious smoky flavor. It depends on how much time you want to spend on making the chili for your chili con carne.

The chili is a very important ingredient for chili con carne. Chili can still be called “chili” without meat or even without beans, but it isn’t chili without the chili pepper! Chili peppers are the base of chili con carne, and you can choose to give the chili a green or red chili base. Red is more common, but there are some delicious variations on the green chili con carne recipe.


What type of meat do you want to use? Some meats, like organic ground beef, can be cooked separately, then added to the chili con carne later, allowing for a vegetarian portion chili sin carne to be separated before adding the meat.

Ground beef (or turkey) can be slowly simmered with mexican spices, especially cumin. Other meats are best stewed first. Chili con carne is usually made with pork or beef, but many more meats can be used. The best chili con carne dishes are made with wild meat, such as deer, elk, moose, wild pig etc. We have even eaten antelope chili con carne down in Arizona! The idea is, you want a piece of meat with flavor. If you cook it for a long time, the flavor will spread throughout the chili, and even tough pieces of meat will become tender.


Ususally kidney, brown and white beans are used for chili con carne, but there are countless delicious bean varieties around the world, so try a few out on your own. Beans are some of the most amazing plants on earth. They create large quantities of food, and they fix nitrogen in the soil. In other words, they basically add fertilizer to the soil. Industrial agriculture uses fossil fuel to get nitrogen out of the air, but the bean plant does it for free! Anyway (sorry for the rant) there are many indigenous, heirloom species of beens. Where ever you are in the world, find out about your local been varieties. And use local beans to make chili con carne. Many beans can be grown indoors and need little sun. You will be amazed at how clever the bean plant grows, wrapping its vines around what ever you give it!

These are the basic chili con carne elements: Now the fun starts! It’s time to personalize the chili con carne recipe. If you came to this site looking for a “one size fits all recipe” we will try our best to help you with suggestions. But you should take some control and make some decisions on your own; after all, everyone has different prefferences. We wouldn’t dare put up a universal pizza recipe and claim it will meet everyones preferences either: some people like pepperoni, others prefer ansjovis and artichoke on their pizza – you get the point. Read our beef stew chili recipe example, and dare to dream up the changes you want to eat.

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