Homemade chili con carne

When we say homemade chili con carne, we mean homemade chili con carne. That’s right, we grow our own veggies and literally make homemade chili con carne. We even trade veggies for meat with our friends who keep animals or hunt.

These days, conscious living is an important part of every day life for a lot of folks. Two important aspects of conscious living are: taking good care of your self (your mind and your body) and taking good care of your environment (people, animals, plants and things around you).

Homemade chili con carne staple ingredient: chili peppers!

A good way to do both at once is to grow your own food! Although complete self sufficient living is a noble and almost impossible goal (esspecially for city folk!), you can certainly get a good harvest out of a small garden, even on a balcony. If you live somewhere with a some sun, you can probably grow the ingredients for your own homemade chili con carne at home. Now that’s what we call home made chili con carne!

Homemade chili con carne recipe?

Where is the recipe for “Homemade chili con carne?” you are no doubt beginning to wonder. Well, there isn’t exactly such a thing. We’ve been making┬áhomemade chili con carne right out of our own garden for years now. So do many of our friends. We have even organized a few of our own homemade chili con carne chili cookoffs!

All true homemade chili con carne recipes are totally different. Not only because we have different taste preferences, but because people can make homemade chili con carne where ever they live in the world. We all live in different places, and have different local conditions. These local conditions will determine which vegetables grow well. In other words, the recipe comes down to what you are able to grow to begin with.

Seasonal homemade chili con carne

Even our own recipes change with the years and seasons, depending on what we grow in the garden, and how much of it. Sometimes crops disappoint or even fail, and certain ingredients need to be replaced, and so new recipes are born.

We hope you weren’t disappointed not to find a standard recipe on this page. Not many things are more important in life than homemade chili con carne. Eating chili con carne brings joy and spreads warmth into the hearts of millions of people every day. Let’s make sure we can all continue to enjoy homemade chili con care indefinitely into the future. It’s time to stop being lazy and wasteful.

Take the time to grow a plant, and appreciate its effort, thank the plant, then eat it! In a bowl of delicious homemade chili con carne.

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